Bloody Show..? Possible TMI

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Bloody Show..? Possible TMI

This morning I picked up my DS. He weighs somewhere between 30 - 40 pounds. I know! Bad! But I can't help it sometimes. So when I got to work I of course have to empty my bladder and when I wiped I got some brownish blood (maybe..?). Anyone ever have a bloody show? I didn't lose my mucous plug till the day of labor with DS and don't remember this at all. I got it about once or twice more in the morning but have not since then.

I've been getting some contractions here and there, but baby girl is moving and shaking all day. If not, I think I noticed more movement but that could just be because how nervous I am. Should I give the doc a call? I have an appointment on the 22nd.

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Sounds like its old blood if its brownish instead of bright red. If it continues I would call your dr. Otherwise take it easy and dont pick up your ds as much. Im bad about picking up my younger 2 and a couple little kids at daycare they love being picked up and held Im trying to bend down more to pick up the daycare kids and set them on my knee since theres 2 that always want to be picked up at the same time.

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Hi sorry, i know i'm not part of this board i just saw this in the new posts section and wanted to come by and comment. Painless bleeding at any stage of pregnancy can be a sign of a condition called Vasa Praevia and it's worth getting checked out for. It's a very simple thing, you just have a transvaginal colour doppler ultrasound scan to look for blood vessels which may be crossing your cervix. You might have to push your doctor/midwife to do this for you because it's a rare condition, but if it's undiagnosed the results can be devastating (i lost my first son to it). Thankfully when it's diagnosed and correctly managed the survival rate is 100%. Check out International Vasa Previa Foundation and Vasa Praevia – Raising Awareness for more information.

The main risk groups for this are...

Painless bleeding at any stage of pregnancy
IVF pregnancy (1 in 300 chance)
Multiples pregnancy
Previous uterine surgery including D&C or c-section
Bi-lobed or succentiurate lobed placenta
Placenta praevia or low laying placenta (even if it's "moved" up because this is what mine did)
Velamentous insertion of the cord

For the sake of a very simple ultrasound check it's worth getting it looked at. I wish to god someone had warned me about it. Sad PM me if you like! Smile

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Good to have some info.

I can't imagine that simply lifting your son would cause bleeding. I would think that combined with other issues might, but not that in itself. I'm not sure I would worry myself, but I might call my MW and see if she has any concerns, and then go from there about it.

Let us know what (if anything) you decide to do, Steph. No matter what anyone else says, you know your body and your pregnancy best.

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I'm with others... better to call.... KUP