Boring Appt Yesterday :)

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Boring Appt Yesterday :)

I'm really starting to LOVE boring appts!!!

It was actually my anatomy scan, but since the MFM had already seen everything they need to see 3 wks ago, they basically did a cursory glance, and that was all. She is doing PERFECTLY! Yahoo

Also, I was kinda freaking out b/c all the other dr's kept telling me there was no way I could have this baby before 39 wks, baring major health issues, they wouldn't take this one like they did DS for the same reasons they took DS early, which is a major concern. My ob (who I finally got to see again...he's been on vacay since I was like 9 wks) said, no, absolutely not true, with diabetics like yourself baby is often already in trouble if we wait til 39 wks. We will only wait til 39 wks if you don't have an amnio done at the end to make sure baby is ready to come out WHEW!! Talk about relief! I've been worried about this. I'm fine with waiting until 39 wks if that is actually okay for baby, but know that will probably NOT be the case, so I was very reassured by this. Smile

Hope that all made sense. But, overall, great appt!! Smile

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Glad the appointment went well. Good thing you got in to your see your regular OB Smile Yay!