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Bra Shopping

I am normally a 32DD but those bras haven't been fitting me very well so I've been wearing my one and only 34D.. However.. they band is starting to get too tight I feel like and so I am thinking about trying on some new bras.

How are your ladies tatas doing?

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I went from a 34B to a 36C at around 6 weeks in my first pregnancy earlier this year and I've been there since. I'm thinking however that I'm going to need to get resized in the next month or so.

Are you supposed to start wearing nursing bras before the baby is born? What if I'm not going to BF?

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I don't actually think mine have changed at all. I'm still wearing my same bras. Hoping to stay in my normal bras until the end and then I'll buy a couple more nursing bras.

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I think they suggest nursing bras for the comfort and support more than for the "nursing" aspect to them. really they just want you to make sure the ladies are supported well. Smile

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I'm still wearing my bras, but they are def fuller. I need to get some bigger ones I just hate bra shopping cuz I'm super picky when it comes to my bras

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Um, yeah!! I'm getting new ones this next paycheck!! I can no longer avoid it. I just hate buying them because I'm huge and so they are SUPER expensive. I can usually only afford to get 2 or 3. Ugh...more money out the window!! Sad

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For the first time during pregnancy Im going to have to go bra shopping. I noticed the lst few times Ive worn some of mine they are getting tighter and I actually broke the one I was wearing today which was getting snug. Thank goodness for safety pins. Trip to get new ones is in store for me in the next couple days

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