Braxton Hicks??

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Braxton Hicks??

Anyone know what they feel like? I've never had contractions of any kind, painless or painful either one, bc they took Braxton my son early and I never had the opportunity for reg labor, so I have absolutely no idea.

I think I had a couple tonight. It didn't hurt at all. It was just a tightening that felt like it wrapped around from one ovary to the other (or where my ovaries used to be anyhow), or somewhere in that vicinity. I was sitting at the kitchen table and noticed it, but wondered if I had somehow done it on my own and tried to relax it and retighten myself, but couldn't get it to change any. After several seconds, maybe 20 or so it let up, and about 30 sec later tightened back up all over again for another 20 or so sec.

Sound like BH????? If not, what???? It's normal, right?? (I'm Ms. Insecure over here!)

(Though if I had experienced BH last pg, my son would probably have a different name!! Haha)

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lol to the last line. Sounds like a braxton hicks contraction. If it happens more I would call your dr and have them check things out. Its normal to get them but most drs want to know. I get asked every appointment if Ive had any.

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I was actually wondering just this morning what BH feel like!

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Now I'm wondering...can they also sometimes be painful and like cramps? I'm not having those but my bestie, who is a month ahead of me, is.

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I have braxton hicks daily. and i had them a lot this last week. It does feel like that Jana. My braxton hicks were getting painful because I was doing too much work I think. They checked my cervix length though and it's fine so my Dr. isn't worried. But it's good to bring it up with your doctor if they are frequent or regular (timing in between).

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lucky you missing out on the contractions the first time around! lol when i get braxton hicks at this stage in pregnancy, it normally happens when i am doing a lot of walking around. and to me they are not painful but feel slight pressure and my whole tummy bump gets tight. you can feel it on the outside too if you put your hand on it. i never had actually "braxton hicks" closer to my due dates, they were always the real thing!

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I'm actually hoping I go into labor early (still 37+ but before Christmas) so I don't have to wait for the end of Dec where it will interfere with my job. But, I'm NOT looking forward to the pain that will cause me to have it before my dr wants to take it!!

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I have the most irritable uterus and have with all! I have been having many BH daily. Mine always feel like a tightening and like something is putting my bladder in a vice grip. They don't last long. I can feel the top of my uterus when they happen and it gets very firm. Kind of feels like I am doing a crunch but not Wink Mine are not painful at this point, just annoying. If these are new to you, I would definitely talk to your doc. My parameter have always been if I am having more than 6/hr then I am to call....I don't though because my uterus is dumb Smile