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Who has cut out caffeine? I have cut it out for the last five months (!!!) but am in an all day workshop and am just dying for a cup so I stop falling asleep at my keyboard.

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No coffee/caffeine for me (except if i eat chocolate)... I cut out caffeinated soda when I found out I was preggers.

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I made a very small cup of coffee yesterday then bought decaf last night. No caffeine for me. Not sure I will go 9 months but
I am trying to stick to water or lemonade lol

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I had to stop caffeine a long time ago (almost a year) but when I can't stay awake at work I get myself a super foods smoothie (the green one).

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double post

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I haven't cut it out. I'm not drinking much bc I haven't been enjoying coffee or coke much but I still drink it if it sounds good.

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I have cut back but haven't cut it completely out either. Coffee smells and tastes absolutely vile to me right now, same thing happened last time. I probably average 1 soda or 1 iced tea per day.

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Turns out anything with caffeine flares up my nausea. I have no craving of it whatsoever. Sucks though since I usually drink icy tea. Makes my drink choice limited since I don't really like soda either.

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Drink a big glass of ice cold water?? I don't like coffee, so that's a non issue but when I'm lagging at work, I get up and move around, drink some cold water...... If I drink pop, which I normally do not, I will usually have Sierra mist, but it's like once every few weeks/ months

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I love a good cold glass of soda, so I haven't cut it out completely, but I have tried to cut back. I have like 3 or 4 glasses of pop a week. Thats pretty good considering I usually have like 3 a day. :-). I don't like coffee, so I don't have that problem at least.