Chipping away the worry...

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Chipping away the worry...

I'm slowly chipping away the worry......I had a really crazy pregnancy with DD, so it's all I know. With DD I went to the er when I was 6wks due to lots of bleeding- I was told I was miscarrying -- they found the heartbeat( we had just gone to the RE to see how nay we were having and there was no heartbeat about 48hrs prior) but said it was too slow- I found it hard to believe them- I just heard its heartbeat for the first time and I had no cramping.... Anyways, I ended up with a large blood clot....went on bed rest the remainder of 1st trimester and prayed every moment that baby kept growing and the clot got smaller.......

So, I just passed 6 wks with no issues, no bleeding, spotting, etc....this was the 1st week/weekend I wanted to get through without incident.....and I did!!! I am super paranoid still- every time I wipe I'm checking to be sure there's no blood.....every time the meds go in I'm checking the applicator to be sure there's no blood on that I just need to have weds come so I can hear/see the heartbeat....I go every week til 9 wks then I should get released to my obgyn.
I hope the worry will stop, but it's like I still can't believe the FET even worked the 1st time and that I haven't had any complications's like I'm still kinda waiting for the rug to be pulled up under me....the whole- everything is going great.....BUT.....

I want to work out but I'm too afraid, I only lift DD when I have to and haven't been carrying a lot of things and really doing my best to not over do it-- I feel so great that I'm all, lets do it and then it's like I reel myself back in and am like eh, let's take it easy.... I hope It gets easier and less worry

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My Dr gave me a rule last pregnancy of "nothing over 20 lbs".... So I'm not lifting DS Sad

I'm glad that things are going well and you are starting to feel more secure Smile

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I'm sorry you are struggling so much with the worry but it is great that you have had no issues!! I am 8 weeks and still check the to when I go potty! Ha! And I totally know what you mean about waiting for the other shoe to drop. After going through all the infertility treatments to get DS, this little natural miracle just seems too good to be true. And after having all the RE monitoring, I didn't even know what a normal pregnant lady does in the beginning!!

I'm sure that everything is fine with your little bean and I'm thrilled you are so far having an uneventful 9 months!!