Coloring hair...

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Coloring hair...

What is your opinion on coloring your hair during pregnancy?

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I am waiting during my pregnancy... I really want to color it.... but I figure I'll just wait.. but I read that after 1st trimester is better.

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I unfortunately need to color my hair (started getting gray hair in my early 20s!). My doctor told me that it's okay (very little gets into the bloodstream) but just to wait until after the first trimester. I colored my hair with my son and he's perfect and I will continue to do so this pregnancy, probably just stretch it out as long as I can...maybe twice the whole pregnancy.

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Thanks, ladies! Good to know I don't necessarily have to wait till after Squishy arrives Smile

I can probably hold out a few more weeks, maybe even a month, it's not really that bad. Will feel better once I've had a cut.

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I never remember when they say its ok. I need to but Im just lazy about doing it right now. Its the longest Ive gone since coloring mine in years. Looks werid since I hate my natural hair color. lol Im also worried a lil that the color wont turn out right.

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I don't have an issue with it. I did it with DS and will probably do it sometime during this pregnancy also. As long as you're in a well ventilated area I think it's ok.