Detect5 Pregnancy progression test...anyone tried it?

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Detect5 Pregnancy progression test...anyone tried it?

I guess it's more for after you test positive.

Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test

The run down is this: It has 5 tests on one casette. Each test requires a subsequently higher amount of hCG. So, the first is 20 mIU, the second is 50 mIU and so on and so forth up to I think 10,000.

The point is to take them a few days apart to see how your hCG numbers are rising. Kind of an at-home beta check.

MAN I'm tempted!!! Obviously they are expensive, but what a great idea!

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A great idea, but I guess I'll just go to the Dr and get beta levels checked when it finally happens, ya know? It's almost scarier to have that power in your hands...