Did I feel movement?

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Did I feel movement?

I think I might have felt movement last night but I'm still not sure. My tummy still makes a lot of bubbling noises/feelings but this was kind of different. This was more like a teeny tiny kick but I think it was too high to really be Squishy. It was to the left of my belly button but I think the baby should still be much lower than my belly button.

What do you think?

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When I find moonbeams heartbeat on the monitor , it's like where my belly button is- so it very well could have been baby!!!!

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It could have been baby! Maybe it was a jab from an arm or something? I've been feeling baby a lot more lately, but below my belly button toward the center of my belly and sometimes to the left. Always still pretty low though.

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I think its definitely a possiblility that it was baby! I'm not quite sure where the uterus should be at right now.. but everyone is different anyway. My baby always squishes waaaay low and even to the point where it is all hard in one spot.. that's where I always feel movement.