Everything going on with my new doc... :(

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Everything going on with my new doc... :(

My MFM, who was the one calling the shots, who had already said we could do an amnio this week and take baby girl next week, ended up going out early on maternity leave by way of hospitalized bed rest two weeks early, the day before we were supposed to schedule amnio to be done. My new o.b. I had to switch to was totally on board with this and more than willing to go with that plan, often saying how diabetic babies do tend to get taken earlier bc of their size.

However, when MFM was suddenly no longer available he started studying my chart a little more closely, pushed my due date back to Jan. 10th, saying he didn't agree with the other o.b.'s reason for having it at the 5th, began disagreeing with having amnio done, would tell me one thing and the MFM office another, became very micromanaging, and began all this junk about how diabetic babies are often more immature than other babies if taken before 39 weeks, and he will only take this baby before 39 weeks if he gets documentation from the MFM telling him that amnio was performed, and exactly when to take her. Normally they are more laid back, not requiring written documentation, they just get the call with the results and schedule it. . I've tried over and over again to explain to him that this is exactly why my son was taken 4 wks early, that my son had no other problems besides majorly low sugar, that my sugar is becoming increasingly sensitive and difficult to control, and that can only mean more sugar problems for Aarilyn once she's born, not to mention that her incredibly large size gives way too many other risks of complication. Aaaaannnndddd...he won't listen. This baby is already measuring 42 wks and already has major fat rolls according to what we can see on ultrasound. She's a real butterball!

I'm sooooo frustrated! If I had either my original o.b. or my original MFM this would not be an issue. As it is, I'm going to see a new MFM tomorrow for the first time and have the wonderful task of trying to convince him to do an amnio on me. I seriously don't get what the big deal is. Do an amnio...if the lungs are good to go, the baby is ready, take her...if the lungs aren't developed, we wait...what's so bad about that, that it causes my o.b. to cut me off when I even mention it, and to refuse to order one on his own, and to openly declare doubt that the new MFM will do one???

My hubby is going with me tomorrow a.m. so I will have a voice of reason for both myself and the new dr. I'm nervous, but I'm having faith the new MFM isn't going to be the problem my new o.b. has turned out to be, and he will go along with everything Dr. Chatman and I had laid out together, even though its not written in my chart. I'm praying for all of us at this appt!!

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Urgh! What a fiasco!

I'm crossing all fingers and toes that your new MFM is on the same page as you.

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Sounds like a big ol mess. Hopefully your new dr will agree with your old one. Some people are crazy and if her lungs are developed then there is no reason to keep you pregnant and let her get bigger and bigger.