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Everything in One Post :D

Forgive me, but I have too much to catch you all up on to do it in individual threads pertaining to each subject. Sooooo.....here it all is:

My echo-cardiogram was 2 wks ago, it TWO HOURS and TWO TECHS (!!!) to get all the pictures of the heart they needed because little Miss Aarilyn was curled up in an impossible position and was being VERY difficult. They would work for like 30 min to get a pic, then when they finally had it and would move on to the next thing they needed, she would just turn so they could see the first thing they were looking for very clearly for the first time. Haha She was toying with them!! So, they FINALLY got all the pics they needed. I never want to go through another ultrasound like that again. It was actually painful. BUT, everything looks PERFECT and NORMAL!! YAY!!! The Dr was kind of surprised it all looked normal when I told him what my A1c was at the beginning of pg. So, YAY for a normal baby!! Biggrin

Then, there is all this stuff with my mom. She had a brain bleed begin last Wednesday. That was then followed by congestive hear failure, major lung problems, etc, etc, etc. It wasn't looking good at all. We were honestly wondering if she was going to survive. And...I fell apart a few times over it, because she is not just my mom, she is my best friend. I can't imagine not having her to talk to. But, things are starting to look up. They are doing one more angiogram today that will hopefully tell us all that is going on and what caused the bleeding. Her oxygen levels are going up, she is out of the comatose state she was in, and she is now lucid and able to talk coherently. This is all very good news! So, we'll see this afternoon how it all is really going.

I had another MFM appt on Monday, and YAY!!! I don't have to go back for SIX WEEKS!!! YAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! That is the longest she has ever let me go, at any point, this pg or last pg!!! It's because my A1c was so great this last time, and everything is looking very normal. SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!

In other news, we are going kind of crazy right now b/c my hubby's car is officially fried...the engine is cooked. :angry1: We could replace the engine, but there is no guarantee that the car will even run right after that because it was having other problems with the cooling system. We only paid $2000 for it a year ago. The fact is, it would cost more than we paid for it to replace the engine....sooooo...we are now a 1 car family and I don't like it! Sad But at least we do have one really good vehicle! It could be far worse! We will survive, but our gas bill is going to go waaaayyyyy up b/c my Jeep is 4wd and uses a lot more gas than his little Volvo did. But, it could be worse!!

Soooo...life is a little whacko atm, our budget just got stretched tighter than a really tight thing (LOL can't think of a good metaphor right now, sorry!), our schedule also just got stretched crazy tight b/c of the car situation, my mom is doing better, all my appt's are going FANTASICALLY well, and I'm ready for little Miss Aarilyn to get here already, even though I'm not at all "ready" for her yet, as far as her gear goes. Biggrin

That's all folks! Biggrin

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phew - a lot going on but seems like everything is looking up. So glad to hear your mom is doing better...hoping she continues to improve. Sorry about the car, but everything will work out and hopefully things will get figured out and everything will be good.
So glad all your apts are doing great!!! Don't you just love having great appointments....yeah yeah yeh!!

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Sounds like things are generally going pretty well for you. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom and her health problems. My mom and I have a very similar relationship and I would be lost without her! I'm glad your mom is doing better though! And I so know where you are with the car situation. DH and I currently have only one car and we work about 30 miles apart... it isn't easy. So I feel ya on that one.

I'm glad to hear your baby girl is doing well though!

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I'm glad your mom is doing better. I can't imagine how you feel!

You are one busy chica woman! Glad that baby is doing so well. That's super exciting! Always a good feeling.