Food adversions / food cravings

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Food adversions / food cravings

Just wondering if anyone is having adversions to anything yet?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE chicken (it's like all i eat) and during my 1st pregnancy, i couldn't stand it, just thinking about it made me want to hurl..... i have been able to eat it again, but nothing like before.... and i craved raspberries during the 1st trimester with my DD and bagel thins...

SO far nothing yet with this pregnancy......

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Hmm.. before I knew I was pregnant, all i wanted was CHOCOLATE. That's partly how I knew something was up. I'm not a big candy-eater and I wanted chocolate and sweets.

Other than that... nothing really. I am craving sushi (which I can't have dangit) But that's a pretty normal thing. But I think last pregnancy I craved it too.. probably because I know I can't have it for 9-10 months. Sad snap!

Mostly I just have aversions.. Nothing really sounds good.

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Not really any cravings or aversions as such. Just find that I can't think what I want to eat. Like yesterday I went and got some soup for lunch which at the time smelled good and tasty but when I got back to my desk I just didn't want it any more. Same with supper, had 2 slices of the frozen pizza I got from TJ's and then didn't want it any more. I ended up wolfing down a bowl of veggies tho (the frozen "Harvest Trio" ones from TJ's)

I am able to eat bananas lately which usually I can't stand the smell of, let alone the taste. And I'm drinking a LOT of orange juice.

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I eat salads every single day when I am not pregnant, and right now, salad and vegetables in general sound repulsive. It was the same with my first daughter, and it is really weird, because normally, I chow down on veggies. I have been craving Mexican food in a big way, so it is lucky that I am currently visiting family in Los Angeles, and not at home in Denmark, where decent Mexican is nonexistent. Smile

I sort of just feel mildly nauseous all the time right now, with bouts where it is worse.

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I am having a lot of aversions. I'm a HUGE coke drinker but haven't had one in over a week I think. I don't know how, but it just doesn't sound good. We even have caffeine free soda so it's not a guilt thing. I can't handle chicken! Ha! I normally have a huge sweet tooth but nothing sweet sounds good either. I wouldn't say I have cravings, but I'll have things that sound tolerable. For example, a local pizza place makes this sub sandwich that is awesome. It's hot and is similar to a pizza but on a sub. I can't get that out of my head so we are going to have that for dinner tonight. I'm so sick that anytime I think of anything that doesn't repulse me I jump on it so I can eat something other than crackers and cereal. Although its not all that budget friendly Sad

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Budgets are hard when pregnancy (especially 1st tri) is around. It's hard to eat on planned meals and such. I hate that part. most the time I don't know what sounds good until VERY last minute.