Growth Scan

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Growth Scan

So, had my growth scan. Little Nora is "weighing" in at a little under 3 pounds. All her measurements are about 60 - 65% and I will have another growth scan in a couple weeks. Makes me feel a bit better. They said her belly is a little big (about 70 - 75%) but is all within normal range. *Phew* I feel a little better.

Another note, I had 3 appointments in a short amount of time. Growth scan at 12:30, normal appointment at 12:45. Didn't get out till 1:15ish since I got shots and such. Then they wanted me to get blood work. Sat there till 1:45 with no luck but had to go to another appointment at 2pm. Thank goodness they are all in the same complex sort of, with a little driving in between. Did not get food until between my blood work (that didn't happen) and my GD appointment at 2. So as I am walking to my GD appointment I am shoving pizza in my mouth. 'Lo and behold I get there and turns out my appointment was yesterday!! Whoops!

Which was great since I had to rush out of that to get to DS's IEP appointment that was a 30 minute drive away!

Now I get to take him to t-ball. Then we have to check on my mom's apartment and cats.... it never ends today!

Sorry for the long story!

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Busy woman! I am glad the scan went so well. Blame the missed apt on baby brain lol

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Glad it went well! I've gotten days of my appointments confused before too. Life is busy and sometimes things get mixed up!!

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Excellent growth scan!!

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I'm glad your scan went well! Sorry for having to run all over the place!