Had my appt today

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Had my appt today

Went and saw my dr this morning for my normal weekly appointment. Ive lost 2 lbs from last week. So thats good. Her heartrate was 141. Im measuring 37 1/2 weeks. Which is what I was measuring last week. I told him about the water retention which I didnt figure would be too big of a deal and he wasnt concerned yet because everything else is checking out ok. They arent concerned about the contrations Ive been having since I have been able to time them but go to sleep or them stopping within a hour. My dr is on call this weekend but will be gone at the end of the week next week. I go back on monday and either monday or tuesday can schedule for the induction at 39 weeks if I make it to whatever day they want me to be induced. I figure either way even if I schedule it she will be here before or on Thanksgiving knowing my luck. I even said I have no problem scheduling it. More than likely wont go to that date since my kids like coming early.

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Glad the appointment went well!