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so i may or may not have just POAS at work to verify i'm still preggers....LOL I did the digital and it came up pregnant and the pink lined ones..... um, that line came up SUPER FAST.....

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I am glad I am not the only one who is checking these things. Smile Although my symptoms skyrocketed at 6 weeks exactly, so at least now I have the constant reassurance of nausea! Smile

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i still have no symtoms and my u/s is wednesday....that can NOT come soon enough.... i have had cramping on and off, but no symptoms so i'm just nervous and want to be sure something is still going on....LOL

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HAh! I love it! Smile Great tests.

Man oh man Wednesday is so sooon! I'm jealous!

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Great tests!!

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Great tests. :-). Should make u feel good!

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lol Im guilty of it to. Went out and bout a couple of the preg/not preg and took it a couple days ago. Its just something some of us do. Smile