HAPPY APPT DAY - Roxi, Jana, Steph

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HAPPY APPT DAY - Roxi, Jana, Steph

Hope your appointments go awesome Smile


Thinking about you today!

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Thanks, Maddie.

It was a quick appointment, he just checked for the heartbeat. The doppler machine wasn't working properly, and the u/s machine in the room was from the year 1900 but it showed a heartbeat. Doc was satisfied with that.

Going to my NT scan on Thursday - can't wait to see that scan!!!

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Thanks! Besides having to wait well over a half hour after my appointment time and the u/s tech not able to get the best pictures for the NT scan, I got to see the little bean for like a half hour. HB is about 167. Did not get the best pictures but oh well.

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Thank you! Got to see beanie baby. Wahoo! HB was 171. Measuring right at nine weeks so we got to move up the due date by a few days. This means I'm more likely to have a baby that is not considered a preemie (actually 37+ weeks) since I've already been told I won't be allowed to go past Christmas. So YAY for a good appt. Tomorrow is my first appt with the maternal fetal medicine doc.:) And I'll update my next couple of appts on the appt thread.

(Sorry, no ultrasound pic because I somehow misplaced it today Sad