Have you told many people yet?

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Have you told many people yet?

Im curious as to those who have gotten their BFP how many people have you told already? Have you told everyone or are you waiting? Ive told some people but not most of my friends or family. With the wedding I am stressed enough and having to move in less than a month isnt helping either. Its early still so its only people that we are close with that know besides most of my family.

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Most of my family knows, DH told everyone he works with (lol), I've told a few friends (maybe about 5 or 6).

I bet planning that wedding is rough. Mine kinda was last minute getting it together and then I lost Kamdyn early the week of the wedding and i was pretty distraught and wasn't allowed to move around too much to heal. It was harrd.

It is still really early. I've thought about telling like... EVERYONE but I think I *might* wait until after my first ultrasound.

I know a lot of people wait until they are 12 weeks. But i know if I loose this baby, I am going to need support and sensitivity. AND I just want to enjoy every minute. Last time I didn't...I wasn't ready to be pregnant and was really kind of upset and that is one of my biggest regrets. I just want to enjoy everything as soon as possible because there is no telling what will happen.

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Not even DH knows yet... I have told my BFF tho. Needed to tell SOMEONE Smile DH is insistent on us waiting until at least 12 weeks before telling anyone, but I will keep working on him to let me tell the families earlier. We're not in the same country as them so they might feel like they've missed out on a LOT if we only tell them then... But I am a little nervous to tell too many people given that we miscarried the first one.

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I have known for 2.5 weeks. We have told a few of our close friends. We have also told DH's family and my mom. I keep planning to tell my dad and then I don't. I have my first drs apps this week. I'm hoping my dr will do an ultrasound on Friday at my appt so I'm thinking of telling the rest of my family at that time. Our first pregnancy was a loss also so I understand wanting to wait. I wanted to wait to tell with this baby but DH couldn't keep his mouth shut. Haha!

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We've told my family and a few close friends. We will wait until 12 weeks for everyone else.

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we've told our parents and siblings..... my work knows, cuz it's only 2 other people....and two of our friends know... we're going to wait til we see the heartbeat and then we'll let the rest of the family know... Smile

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We have told our parents, DH's sister, my bff, and a couple we're extremely close to who are also TTC right now. That's it for now. We usually wait until we've seen or heard the hb before sharing the news.

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We've only told my parents and I told two of my close sis-in-laws. Waiting to tell everyone else until after we've heard the heartbeat. But It is going to be hard waiting!