Headed to get bloodwork

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Headed to get bloodwork

Hey Ladies-

Because my of how my last pregnancy ended (I was 20 weeks pregnant when I found out my little boy had a heart defect and hydrops. Because of the hydrops the heart was pushed all the way to the right side. His heart stopped and I had to be induced). I called my Dr and he wants me to go get some blood work checking the hormone levels. I'll be headed in again on Thursday to see if they've doubled.

Wish me luck ... Fingers crossed!! :teethchatter:

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Good luck hun! So sorry to hear about your last baby. I've had 2 m/cs in the past, but never as far along as you. I pray everything works out for you this time.

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GL and KUP on your numbers!!

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Good luck! I hope all is well, and I am sorry to hear about your loss. How heartbreaking.