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The last few days I have had the worst heartburn. It lasts off and on all day. Oh my it hurts. Im eating tums like crazy. I am hoping maybe my dr can give me suggestions on what I can do about it. My diet hasnt changed at all so Im not sure what is causing it. This is the worst if has been any of my pregnancies. Anyone else getting heartburn this pregnancy?

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Not yet. It comes and goes now, but my second half was horrible with my son.

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I had major heartburn like 2-3 weeks ago that lasted a week....if i still had issues i was going to bring it up to my Dr to put me on something more then tums....but it has since gone away.... i was thinking maybe it was growing hair that week or something ....LOL

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lol Jules.

I had heartburn pretty bad last tri but it hasn't been as bad. I had some indigestion last night and leaned over and actually bur-arfed. (Burp barfed) It was awful.