Hi everyone! Joining in the fun!

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Hi everyone! Joining in the fun!

Hi ladies! I'm Meg and happy to report that we got our big positive a little over a week ago! We're so excited, but a little surprised, as it was our first month trying. My husband and I got married in January and thought we would start to try in hopes for a summer conception, but... surprise! I have a five year daughter who is going to be over the moon happy when we finally tell her the news. She's been telling people that she's expecting a baby brother or sister since my husband proposed a year ago. I haven't told many people but waiting for our first appointment in a few weeks. Looking forward to sharing the experience with you all!

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Congrats! We were Also surprised because it was our 1st month trying too. Pretty amazing because it took us 10 months to concieve our last one. I'm sooooo happy it was quick this time. I'm glad you are joining us.

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WELCOME! We are so glad to have you here. Congratulations on your marriage! I got married in January as well! Smile I have a 5 yr old boy. He is very excited that we are expecting again (he was pretty upset when we lost Kamdyn). We'd love to know when your appts are and some info about you. There are some threads that are stickied so that we can support each other.

Glad to see you here!

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Congrats and welcome to December!! This is a great board to be a part of and we are happy to have you here!

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Congrats and welcome! Smile

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Thanks everyone! I'm so excited, but also so nervous. I hope these weeks go by quickly and continue to bring good news for all of us!