Hi! (mc ment)

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Hi! (mc ment)

So I got a "no squinting necessary" BFP today (11dpo)... well technically yesterday 4/12. Biggrin Been getting very squinty BFP's since 4/8. (yes, I'm a POAS addict)

I'm sneaking in here very tentatively because we got our very first ever BFP in Jan'13 only to miscarry in Feb. I wasn't planning on coming over here until I had told DH which was going to be at the end of next week, but then I told my BFF today and now I just want to accept it and enjoy it. I will tell DH tomorrow. Got a digi so that I won't have to interpret the results for him LOL

Please send me lots and lots of sticky vibes.

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Welcome!! Congrats on your BFP!! I hope this is your sticky take home baby Smile

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Yay! You came over! I am excited for ya to be here. Sticky vibes to you!! To all of us!!

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Congratulations! (((((STICKY VIBES)))))