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Hospital Bag


DH is going to pack the hospital bag tonight I think...

What are some stuff you are putting in yours? have you packed it?

Might be a good time Wink never know what will happen!

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Urgh, we still have to plan our bag! Haven't even thought about what we will need. I think I've gone into denial Blum 3

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I way over packed last time, but I still missed some stuff I wish I thought about! Definitely my own blanket and pillow, chargers, phone, ipad, toiletries, a robe, and some big clothes. Last time I wore the hospital gown the entire time, I thought we had to, but I will be taking my own pants and such. Plus, downloading movies and stuff so I can watch them when I'm alone.

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Im taking the bare minimum and need to get my bag packed since its coming quick. I will wear pj pants and a tshirt the whole time other then when I have the baby. I take something to wear home and something for the baby to wear in a few different sizes. I need to pack my older ids bags and take them to my parents house lol need to talk to them also to make sure they are still watching the kids while Im in the hospital. I will take the camera and batteries. Phone charger and my laptop will eventually go along. Maybe a few movies to watch at night/down town.

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Some of my hubby's big t-shirts that will fit regardless of how much/little my belly goes down. Comfy skirts and underclothes. Something better to wear home...well, maybe...again depends on what size I end up afterwards! Extra charger for our phones. Extra clothes for DH bc he stays with me the entire time. Couple of outfits for baby in both newborn and 0-3. Lotion, my own soap, shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, hairstuff, etc. Fuzzy socks/house shoes (thank you Roxi!!). Snacks for those middle of the night blood sugar drops so I don't have to traipse across the hall, or, bleh, drink their juice stuff. And I'll probably also take along a small sewing project to take up the time that baby is in NICU or being checked out by NICU,etc. and not in the room with me and I'm bored. That happened a lot last time with DS. We were in there 5 days and I was bored quite a bit because he wasn't always with me, or I couldn't do anything with him because he was under the billi-lights. Biggrin

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Pjs for you and the baby. Two things I find vital to have are a pair of warm socks and lip balm. My lips always feel chapped after giving birth for some reason and after I had DD I didn't have any. Don't forget camera batteries/ charger and phone chargers. I also like to have a pen and some paper to keep track of gifts visitors bring so I can write thank you notes.

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haven't packed yet, but am starting to think about it..... This time i will be packing up a pair of lounge pants and a tshirt and sweatshirt for home. A soft robe so i can wear that instead of the gown, slippers, warm socks and flip flops(for the shower) and i'm just going to wear their mesh panites and pads - i peed myself a lot before i learned to just go every 2hrs weither i thought i needed to pee or I have a folder with a pen and some paper incase i need to jot down questions, notes, thoughts, etc. I will bring phone/charger, video camera/charger, ipad/charger, camera/charger.....some snacks like granola bars or hard candy or something- my own pillow, travel sized shampoo/cond., soap, lotion, toothbrush and paste and a hair tye. I'll bring an outfit for baby to come home in and a blanket to cover her up. that's what i will be taking in my bag. I am going to bring extra lounge pants/shirts incase baby spends time in nicu - then i'll be staying at my parents, i'll pack that with DH's bag, i'll make sure he has stuff and then i have to pack for DD1 since she's staying with my parents....... i might go and just get some sweat shirts and pants for her so i don't have to worry about the outfits she's going to wear...... ALthough when she comes to the hopsital, i have a big sister shirt i want her to wear, which i can pack now...

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Also going to pack her baby book. Have to find one this weekend lol. Totally spaced it till tonight.

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We started packing our bag yesterday. I put in my black yoga pants and black nursing tank. Put in a change of clothes for DH (underwear, socks, undershirt and some lounge pants). DH takes a lot of meds so we put together a couple days worth of meds for him so that we wouldn't have to worry about his health. Also put in a few outfits for DD and some of her blankets to wrap her in. I need to put the baby book in so that we can print her feet when she is born on the correct page. I also need to throw some things together for DS so that he'll have a bag for wherever he ends up staying.

We brought a blanket and pillow last time and were very glad we did. I would also like to throw some snacks in for DH or myself if we are hungry. We were glad last time that we had snacks and drinks and such.

I'm 36 weeks today and everything is getting so real!!