How long did your nausea last?

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How long did your nausea last?

A week and a half ago I was complaining about barely having any symptoms and then just a few days later my nausea set in full force and worse than the last time I was pregnant. I am so nauseous every day starting from the time I wake up. It usually tapers off by the time I go to bed, then the next morning it starts all over. I can't imagine feeling this sick for the next few months...the days are dragging. I know some women welcome the symptoms, I'm just having a hard time with it right now.

Anyway, ladies, how long did your nausea last? Did anyone's disappear before the 2nd trimester?

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My ms slammed me at 6 weeks and hasn't left yet. With DS it lasted well into my second trimester. But it got easier after a while. Sorry I don't have more answers. I hope that yours gets better. I have been taking unisom at night and that helps a lot. I took it with DS also and it helped me survive!

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Sorry u feel sick that's the worst. With Ds I was sick from 6 weeks till about 17. No throwing up just that constant quesy feeling. Sucking on jolly ranchers helped me. I hope it goes away for u soon.

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With DS1 I think until about 14 weeks with Kamdyn same thing.