How will you do your Christmas/Holiday cards?

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How will you do your Christmas/Holiday cards?

I send Christmas cards every year. I generally do the photo cards, with our names on them. But this year, it's just me and DS, instead of me, husband and child. Plus, I'm trying to figure out how to announce that there will be a new baby girl born . . . after the cards are printed and mailed but before Christmas.

How will you be doing your cards this year? Will you be doing a baby announcement on/with the card?

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I was thinking of doing New Years Cards this year - since we also do the photo cards - they have the double sided, so i thought about doing pics of us with the new baby and then on the back putting her "announcement" there - i suppose it depends on when baby comes, since i'll have a friend do newborn pics....depends on when i get those back. I suppose i may do christmas cards if i get them out in enough time and then in the begining of Jan send out the announcement, or maybe i'll order announcements at the same time and just stuff them in with the christmas card

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DH isn't a big fan of photo cards so we probably won't do anything special. I will have a special postcard made up for my grandfather and mail that off to him but otherwise our announcement will be on Facebook and via email/text.

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I wont do them never do. Ill post on facebook and call/text when the baby is born. So no need to do an announcement.

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Well, my announcement will be on my Christmas Card. Biggrin I'm waiting to the last possible minute to order cards, so they may not actually reach everyone before Christmas, but that's okay. I'll go ahead and stamp/address all the envelopes before I go in to have her and then use one of the first clothed pictures of her to add to the card at the last minute, then send the order to Wal-Mart or one of the pic developing places that do 1 hr photo holiday cards and have hubby send them off. Biggrin

That's the plan anyhow. We'll see how it actually works out for us!

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I haven't done birth announcements or holiday cards before but maybe I will. Haven't thought too much about it.

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thanks for the birth announcement reminder! i totally forgot about those! i feel lost, its been 4 years since I had my last baby!!!

i will probably do holiday cards this year...maybe..i dont know. i never do them. i always intend to, then never do Sad

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Thanks for all the input. I hadn't thought about New Year's cards, instead of Christmas, but I like the idea. Maybe I'll design them, and just leave them in the "design" state until Baby Girl is born and I have a name, and then finish them and send them out. Suddenly, the pressure is off! Amazing how such a little thing can happen. You ladies are wonderful.

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Glad you're feeling less pressure about the cards! I think we're going to do a Christmasy birth announcement and also include a pic of our older two. I was torn for a while between just doing a Christmas card (we always do photo cards) or a birth announcement. I knew I didn't really want to spend the money on both. In the end, I am one who tries to do the same for each child as much as possible, and since my other two had their own announcement, I will do that for this little one too. I'll probably just print a 4X6 of the older kids and tuck it in with the birth announcement.