I am so anxious!
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Thread: I am so anxious!

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    Default I am so anxious!

    I am so, so nervous about miscarrying! It is actually affecting my ability to work and everything. I have no reason to suspect a miscarriage; my symptoms are strong and my numbers are doubling, but I am still terrified, because there is always that chance. These first few weeks are so hard.
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    I'm sorry you're having such a tough time! I know how difficult that is. But as you said, all signs point to good! I know with my miscarriage things weren't right from the beginning... I was always hoping they would get better but it just didn't happen. So if your numbers are doubling and you aren't spotting, I would try and take comfort in those things and try to focus on being pregnant today. Today you're pregnant and that's great news

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    I'm sorry hon. I understand your concern. I agree though, look at the positives. Enjoy it. Enjoy being pregnant. I'm not worried about "miscarriage" per say, but I am worried about a heart defect. And that concern will last my entire pregnancy. But I want to focus on being pregnant because I have my baby now... and that's what matters most to me.
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