IB ?? Anyone else

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IB ?? Anyone else

Hi ladies. If I am here I would be due end of December. I am on CD 5 and having some very minor bleeding. Anyone else experience IB? If so was it bright red or no?
This is our first real month trying so I am already super anxious and now with some bleeding extra nervous/anxious.

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hi sara, i remember you!!
i am kind of lurking here although not official ttc.

I did have Ib with my daughter, but it was more like cool aid staining or light flow, on dpo 11 and 12. I got my bfp 3 days later, i really thught for sure i was starting af but it stopped and i tested.
i did have some red spotting after intercourse during the first 8 weeks. so they told me pelvic rest for a while. until we heard the heart beat.

good luck.

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I don't have any advice but just want to say I hope it is IB and that you get a BFP very soon!! Smile

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No advice here either. fingers crossed for ya babe.