I'm the new girl :)

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I'm the new girl :)

We had to use clomid with our 2 boys, then we had 2 unsuccessful rounds of clomid. We decided we were good with the boys we have and stopped trying. now I'm 7 weeks pregnant. WHAT?!?! My first appt is on May 29 and Im pretty sure I can't wait Smile I was flipping out this mornign because we had decided we were done having kids. But now the husband and I are just flat out giddy!!

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Congratulations and welcome!! Smile

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Congrats and welcome !!

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that is exciting! congrats and welcome Smile

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WELCOME. We are so happy to have you. Congrats! and HH9M Smile

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PS: We would love if you filled out the Roll Call, Gender Guess, and Appointment thread so we can get you all included Smile

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Welcome and congrats!! We got DS on our 6th iui and had to use injectables.... Imagine our surprise when we dtd once in like 2 months and ended up with a BFP! Hooray for success after fertility treatments! Smile