Introduction (miscarriage ment)

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Introduction (miscarriage ment)

Hi all!
I woke up 2 days ago with a terrible sore throat and took a test so I could take NyQuil and go back to bed. It was positive so here I am! We have been trying for about 1 year now and had a miscarriage in December. I had my HCG checked yesterday. It was 36 and I go back tomorrow for another check. I am feeling very nervous right now and probably will for the next couple of months! My edd is December 11th. I am really excited to get to know everyone!


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Congratulations and welcome to December.

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Congratulations! Hoping that these nerve wracking first couple of months fly by for you without a hitch Smile

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Congrats and welcome to December!! I hope your next hcg doubles and that everything goes smoothly! Smile

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Congratulations! I hope the first tri flys by for you. (I also found out I was preggers because I wanted to take some cold meds for a horrible cold. Smile )

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Congratuations. Hopefully everything goes smooth with your next HCG

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Congrats Kelly!

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Congrats!! I think we are all pretty nervous right now. Hopefully that will subside as we get farther along. I'm so happy for you!