Its December ladies.

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Its December ladies.

Its finally our month. Is everyone that still pregnant ready for their lil one to come? I go in in about 8 hours to be induced and am completely ready. Just weird that she isnt here earlier then now since the other three have ben a week to three weeks early so within a few days of my due date is weird.

Those that have had their babies how ya feeling? Hows the baby? Hows any siblings adjusting so far?

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I almost can't believe it's December!!

But I am soooooo ready for this little one to arrive. I hope it's sooner rather than later. I've been walking a lot more this weekend, and will do a lot more, in the hopes that it will bring labor on sooner.

:goodluck: for tomorrow.


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im ready - i'm just really hoping there is progress..... a part of me wants to just go into labor by myself, but a part of me likes to know i can plan for the 14th and get everything ready for DD and settled....i'm kinda inpatient though and just want to have the baby already so we can get past labor and devliery and start living life with a new baby...... Smile

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I'm glad she is here, its been a roller coaster couple of days. I'm barely home and she's still not, so that doesn't make it any easier. DS hasn't adjusted too much, but he's not yelling "NO!" when people ask about his sister. So that's a development.