I've been MIA

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I've been MIA

I moved from CA to AZ, my car broke down, my son got sick then I got the flu then dh and my sister got the flu so its been an insane 3+weeks. All is well, by the time I was able to get into the ob they said it was too late to do the NT scan so my next apt is july8th and ill be 17 weeks so ill get the gender scan then. Just a quick update. hope everyone else is hangin in there

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Wow! Been a crazy time for you!

Good to hear that everything is still going well with your bean. KUP on the results of the gender scan Smile

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Glad things have settled down for you! That sounds like a crazy few weeks!

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Wow! Hope everything goes really well for you now that all of that is past and you're able to settle in and rest easy for a while! Smile

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Woah! Crazy. Hopefully things slow down and so glad that baby is doing well. I will be excited to hear the results of your ultrasound Smile Try to stay away from the sickness Smile Thanks for checking in with us!