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JBF(Just Between Friends)

Anybody ever heard of Just Between Friends? Its a consignment sale that is done twice a year, spring and fall, for like 3-4 days. It has everything you can imagine for babies, kids, even some maternity. We have one in my area this week so I'm going this afternoon. Hoping I find some great baby stuff deals because we have "loaned" (read:not getting it back) or given away all of the stuff from Braxton to other people needing help when they had babies. We have NOTHING for a baby except maybe some bottles, and some cloth diaper inserts. Sad

Check it out and see if they have it in your area!! jbfsale.com

I LOVE it! (But then, I love second-hand for clothes that are going to be grown out of within a few months or toys that he is not going to be interested in for much longer.)We've been going since Braxton was about 2 and I've gotten the majority of his clothes there and even a bunch of his toys.

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Darn Sad Nothing in my area.

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There's a mom yard sale thing once or twice a year here.. I have never been. It just baffles me that I'd have to spend money to get in to spend more money....

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I love jbf sales. I'm getting some of the stuff from last time around ready to sell for the August sale out here. Although I just went to one this month and it was a little disappointing. Maddy the ones around Longmont and north Denver are no charge. Smile