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    I just got by BFP yesterday morning. I'm 4 weeks pregnant today and due on December 24th.

    I'm a little worried because I got pregnant almost exactly 2 years ago and miscarried around 8 weeks. We tried again after I was given the okay but stress really got to us and we decided to stop actively trying. In the last year we soldour 1 bedroom condo and bought a 3 bedroom house and got a dog. We decided to try the SMEP plan and this was our 3rd month and low and behold...

    Already this pregnancy is different than my last one as I had a period with the last one and didn't know I was pregnant until I was almost 6 weeks. This time my period never came and I'm having slight morning sickness every morning. I hope I get to stay and get to know you ladies.

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    Welcome!! We are so glad that you are here. I think most of in this board are pregnant after loss. I lost my baby at 20 weeks this last Jan. Sticky vibes! Glad to hear you are feeling more positive about thisone
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    Congrats and welcome to December! I'm sorry to hear about your loss but it sounds like this pregnancy is much better. My first pregnancy was also a loss and there were red flags from the beginning. With DS my pregnancy was perfect from the beginning. It gave me a lot of comfort that everything would be good. So glad you get to hang out with our little group!!
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    Welcome and congrats! I had a loss in 2010 at 12 wks, so I can sympethize. I pray all will go well with all of us!
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    I also suffered a loss, at 7 weeks in Feb. This time it already feels different though.

    I hope your bean, and all of ours too, is a nice and sticky one!!

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