Kinda Freaking Out

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Kinda Freaking Out

I took another pg test this morning just for kicks cause I really like to see lines get darker. Smile

But it was a blue dye test, and I've never used one of those before. I just picked it up because I'm out of the good ones and really don't want to spend $ on good tests when I already know I'm pregnant.

So, when I took it, it is totally FAINT...not the control line, the positive...I even looked at that really closely and then dug it out of the garbage to look again. Its definitely there, but so faint. Just to clarify its the line going up and down that makes it a positive is faint. Sad

I haven't really had any symptoms since Tuesday evening either. Should I be worried?

And sorry, I don't have a pic cause I didn't think of that before I threw it away.

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I would spend the $$ and get a FRER. I've heard that the blue dye ones are notoriously unreliable.

Hope it's just a faulty test :bigarmhug:

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Also, I don't know how many dpo I actually am b/c I think I ovulated late, but wasn't temping or using opk's. I was just totally counting myself out because I had to be gone an entire week and a half to help take care of my parents who were in a bad 18-wheeler accident. My usual O (and I'm typically like clockwork) fell right in the middle of that, so I just knew it was impossible. Therefore I tracked NOTHING. So, maybe I'm not as far along as I think since I just got my first non-evap, actually can see a little color, positive this past Monday, 4 days ago. So, maybe not having a dark line is still okay?????

I'm totally trying to justify here!!

Everything is probably fine and I'm sure I'm freaking out for nothing.

But just in case I'm going to get another FRER after work today and do it like you suggested Roxi! Wink

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Aaannnnddd NM about the no symptoms thingy. MS just returned in time to make me lose every bit of water and nutrition I've had today. Actually makes me feel better...hehe...;)

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Blue dyes are HORRIBLE!!!! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!!!! and don't be freaking doesn't matter how light the vertical line long as there's a line, that's all that matters....

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Yep blue dye is horrible. I wouldnt use them ever. Ive have very few symptoms this time around and think occasionally that I need to get a test to reconfirm I am still pregnant

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I bought some of the cheaper pink dye tests last night. Took one last night and one this morning. I'm good now! They were just as dark as the control line and strong pink came up immediately.

Thank you ladies! I feel better now! Biggrin

Just can't wait for the first appt and to see my little beanie baby!

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I'm glad you took a better test and can relax now!

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