MFM Appt today

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MFM Appt today

AAAAnnnnnnddddd.....we have a SUPER STUBBORN UNCOOPERATIVE little girl!!!!

I'm going to start calling her booger bear...because that's what she is!

I'm being scheduled for my echo-cardiogram (routine bc I'm diabetic, not bc they see any issues) and they are sending me to downtown Houston for the big, in person, in the cardiologists office, live, real-time study. Ugh. And all bc little booger-bear here won't cooperate and let them see all they need to see during ultrasounds so they can do the echo the easier way (usually Dr. sends her heart images for them to study, then I just go in for the other stuff they have to do, but not imaging).

They tried to do a 3D of her face at the end and regardless of how many times he tried, she just wouldn't move to get a clearer pic, so we have a "Can you guess what you are looking at?" kind of 3D pic instead. LOL

But I'm glad everything so far is looking good! She is perfect, though huge (no surprise there!) and so far everything is rockin' right along as it is supposed to. Dr. adjusted my insulin levels today bc my glucose levels are starting to rise, but no biggie, and certainly no issue compared to what it was with my son. Smile Yay!!!

Next appt is in 4 wks. Smile

ETA: Its a good thing we found out gender through the amnio bc she flat out refuses to show her bottom area so they can see via u/s what she is. This in addition to all the other stuff she won't show. lol They did finally see her spine though, so now all of her parts that should be seen at this point are accounted for except the gender portion. lol

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That sounds like a decent appointment at least Smile I'm glad that everything that can be seen is looking good thus far. I've never had an echo so I don't really know what it consists of? I have mine tomorrow so I'll know then! Smile Glad the insulin levels aren't as bad this time. That's great news. Smile

lol silly little girl! You are gonna have a handful with her out Smile

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lol I think your daughter and mine are twins. Mine was stubborn to and thats why I have to go bck and get another ultrasound on the 17th. Couldnt see the whole heart or face. Hoping to sneak another look to make sure she is still a she lol. I got one decent pic of the face in 3d and a weird pic that the tech said is the ear but doesnt look like it to me. lol. Im glad your levels are leveling out a bit and that you were able to see everything that you did. Some babies like to be buttheads during ultrasounds