Monthly checkup 7/1/13

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Monthly checkup 7/1/13

So yesterday I had my monthly check up with the doc and everything looks good. Heard the heartbeat through his horribly crackly doppler machine. I did a short recording so I can listen to it every day now.

Then he started to do another u/s before the nurse told him my insurance wont cover it so I got to see Squishy for a second. Saw the spine clearly and Squishy was almost standing up right and making these spastic little movements Smile

He asked me if I wanted to find out the gender quickly but I told him not with out DH so we're only going to find out at the 20 week scan (around 8/6). He didn't draw blood for the Quad Test because according to his EDD (12/23) I was only 15 weeks yesterday and he didn't want to risk the test being invalid so I'm going tomorrow morning just for the blood.

I've also put on 7lbs in the last month Smile

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WooHoo for a quick look-sie at the babe! Smile And for what sounds like a fabulous appt!

Hope all the blood work comes out beautifully for you! Biggrin

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That's great you got to see the baby! I go to a midwife practice and they don't have machines in the office so there is no seeing the baby unless they can't find the heartbeat (at which point they send you over to the hospital for an ultrasound).

Yay for a good appointment!!

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Glad the appointment went well. yay for seeing baby real quick Smile

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glad you had a great apt and got to have a quick look at the baby