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How much movement if any are you feeling now? Today I swear the baby has been crazy specially when Im drinking water. Its a new feeling since Ive always had lazy babies and never really felt them much. So how much are you feeling? Have you felt any yet?

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Haven't felt anything yet Sad

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I feel baby sometimes.. Since 12 weeks actually. But not super frequently. It was rarely at first.. and then became a daily thing and now it's just sometimes. I am not worried though. I am a couple weeks behind you so I am guessing I'll start feeling more soon.

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Just this week I've been feeling the baby more often. I felt flutters here and there before this but now I can honestly finally say I have felt the baby more consistantly. Smile

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I started feeling it last week sometime, but thought...nah...can't be. Then yesterday when they were banging on my belly to get LO to move I felt it again and realized it really is what I've been feeling all along. Smile

I feel it about once a day, and sometimes I don't even realize what it is til its over. Can't wait til DS and DH can feel it too! Biggrin