MW apt today

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MW apt today

Just got back from my apt with my midwife. It was fine, but frustrating. Baby Girl has a good heartbeat and good activity. I got the paperwork for being off work after the baby is born. Yay for Baby Girl!

The MW refused to strip my membranes, though. She said they don't do that in that practice. Instead, I'm supposed to go have sex. This is where I get frustrated. Since when do they not strip membranes? I asked why not, and her only answer was "they just don't do it in this practice". Then, I'm told to go have sex. Okay, I understand that to get in my current condition, one has to have sex. However, my husband and I are separated, so that's not an option. And my BF and I hardly ever get to see each other, so that's not going to happen either. I know you all are probably thinking I got myself into my own mess. I guess I'm just frustrated that all around me people are talking about sex so lightly, as if it's something I can go buy at the store with evening primrose oil. I guess it felt as though, this time, the MW didn't really care what I was feeling, she just wanted in and out and onto the next patient.

Wow, I am ONRY.

Okay, back to my apt. It was good, even if a bit pointless. My next apt is on Tuesday, and we'll do the Bishops Score (is that what it's called) to ensure I'm physically ready to be induced. Then Wed is the induction. I'm still anxious about that, but I'm hoping hearing other positive info about it will help.

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It does sound like people are not talking your personal situation into account. I'm sorry for that Sad

I hope you can find other ways to naturally get things moving.

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That's crappy Marie! I'm sorry. Did you tell her there is no way you can have sex? Kup. Maybe the induction is just meant to happen :/

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I would feel frustrated too! Do you have a breast pump? Get to stimulating those nips...that is also supposed to naturally bring on labor.