My appointment is SOON

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My appointment is SOON

I am going to the new office today. I'm ultra nervous. I printed off some questions to ask the new doctor, "ob-gyn interview sheet."

I am excited that DH is getting off work early so he can go to the appointment with me.... Smile Makes me feel a little calmer. Switching OB's and not having my support man there would be hard.

I will post tonight after the appointment and let you know how it goes. Smile

Wish me luck!


I like the new ob. she took the time to answer all my questions. We are on the same page and she was very friendly. The nurse was great as well. I am looking forward to the rest of this pregnancy.

Heart beat was difficult to find but we did find it and it was 156. Baby was moving like crazy. silly baby.

Next appointment- my ultrasound- AUG 6 at 10:30 YAY... SUPER EXCITED. I am to bring a DVD-R to record the images. woot woot!

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Good luck! I hope it went great!!

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Good Luck! KUP!!

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I'm sure everything will go great - Good Luck and KUP

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UPDATED see original post

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Sooo glad it went well! You are lucky you will get to keep a dvd of your ultrasound. I've never gotten that - just a few pictures. Smile

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WooHoo!! Glad it was a good move for you! And I'm jealous. You get a DVD. No fair. Haha Smile

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I am wondering if they will do 4D at all. They do 4D in my new dr office for other people... but insurance doesn't cover it. I may try to save up some money and get one done.. they put that on a disc I'm pretty sure. Smile I am lucky Smile