My year is up!!!!!

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My year is up!!!!!

This time last year I had a D&C and some polyps removed I told my DH if I didn't get pregnant naturally with in a year I was done trying to have another baby...well my year has come and gone no baby.... no pregnancy... no nothing and this is my last cycle trying to have a baby naturally...I'm just tired of trying.....since I turned 45(last week) and losing weight, my DH really wants another baby as well as my son is 9 years old with no sibling( which he truly wants a sister or a brother)....I decided to give it until the end of summer and April cycle start fertility treatments again:-(...I made an appointment with my RE for this Thursday for a work up....however I pray that I don't need him next month... good luck ladies....

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I hope that BFP shows up soon and that you don't need to see your RE!! GL!! Smile