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name question

As you can tell i love talking about names!! Anyways, i'm not totally thinking too hard on names...until we know for sure what we're having. we have a boy name figured out - the issue is the girl name..... i just don't know how to write it it's hard to know if i like it yet. so it will be two names put together and then a middle name.

The name we are thinking about is AlexJuliet. Now, the questions i have are -do we spell it AlexJuliet, Alexjuliet, Alex Juliet, Alex-Juliet.....and will the intials be AJ MN LN? or just A MN LN? I don't think i want to do first name ALex, middle name Juliet - cuz i just don't want her first name to be alex... i don't like alexandria and DH doesn't like alexa or i came up with this name - i just don't know how to do the 2 first names cuz i want to be sure people know that's her full 1st name, NOT a first name, middle name ...kwim.....which i'm sure i'm still going to run into..

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Oo that is really hard.. I wouldn't do alexjuliet... looks hard to read/pronounce. I think I like the hyphen personally the most out of those options.

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Yeah, I'd do it hyphenated as well. It shows that it is definitely one name.

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Alex-Juliet seems to flow the best I think

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I agree with the PPs and would hyphenate it. I would also stick with just A for the first name initial. I have always loved the name Alexia also Smile