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So, i love talking names...... question for you all - DD1 has two middle names. Org. we were going to name her Teodora Evelyn, then when i realized i was probably have a girl, i didn't want that to be her name....i wanted Evelyn Teodora, which i felt flowed better. Evelyn is my mom's name, and my sister ended up having a girl and naming her Evelyn Mary ---soooo....clearly i couldn't use Evelyn as a first name anymore. We ended up agreeing and both liking Olivia and i thought it would just be olivia evelyn, but DH wanted to use his grandma's name (he had told his mother(which teodora is her mother) that we were naming our kid teodora- imagine her surprise when i was like uh, no.) Anyways, that's how she got 2 middle we didn't know if we'd have anymore kids and since i was little i knew my kid would have evelyn in her name. Now that we're having another, should this one have 2 middle names too? Would it be weird having one kid have 2 middle names and the other only one middle name? I don't care either way....

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I don't think there's anything wrong with one child have 2 middle names and the other with only one but you may get questions when the younger is older and wants to know why the difference...

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I'm with Roxi- nothing wrong with one having two middle names and the other having one middle name.

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Go with what your comfortable with and what you like. I have 2 nieces with 1 middle name and a niece and nephew with 2 middle names they went with the same amount of letters in their names.

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I personally would do the two middle names each. But that's JMO. I don't think it's a big deal though if 1 had 1 and 1 has 2.

Sooo many people are just raggin on my name (especially family). Well not ragging, but they state they don't like it. IDK I love the name but now I'm all second guessing it.

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"Maddz" wrote:

Sooo many people are just raggin on my name (especially family). Well not ragging, but they state they don't like it. IDK I love the name but now I'm all second guessing it.

My sister is also very negatively vocal about our first choice, even though most other people are quite impressed by it. Which is why I didn't want to tell her because she brings it up every time we have a chat.

Don't let it make you second-guess yourself. It's your child, not theirs.

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I say go with what you like. If its two so be it and if its one, that just fine too. To me the important thing is that a name is given in love. Smile I'd probably be the one to give two to one child and one to the next child. My husbands grandmother has 6 names, not including her maiden or married last names. Anything less than that and you're probably good. Biggrin

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I would personally us the same number of names, but that's me. I think you should do what you like! As for family not liking the name..once the baby is here they will forget about it and just love the little one.

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My brother has two middle names and I have one, never really was an issue. He was named after his two grandfathers for middle names. DS has two middle names, named after his great grandfathers and uncle. We had a girls name chosen if DS had been a girl and it was one middle name. It is still our girls name with a small change as hubby wanted to change the family member honoured with the middle name. I had considered adding my Nanna's middle name to it as well as she passed away in December, bit we thought Abigail Jacqueline Florence was a bit much. We have put it on the list for a second girl though, but no plans for any of our future kids to have two middle names