Naming your baby

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Naming your baby

So I was curious if anyone else has decided on a name for their lil one. Im going with Sophie Lynn for mine granted the next ultrasound proves she is still a she.

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We've going to start discussing names properly once we know the gender. We have a couple nice options on the list so far tho:
Boy: Connor James or Kobe James
Girl: Heather Elizabeth or Katherine Elizabeth

We're still hoping to come across something unique that is not too out-there.

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We are naming our little girl Nora Grace. I thought of it the week before I found out I was pregnant and absolutely loved it. If LO was a boy he would have been Lucas Daniel (or something like that).

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i'm having another girl so its hard to think of another girl name! and i tend to like boy names for girls!

i have madison and dakota marie, and was thinking about alexa marie. but not sure yet. i also DONT know why, but i am liking the name hunter for a girl. what is wrong with me?! i have always said i should make name lists when i am not having pregnancy crazy lady hormones.

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If its a girl, as we think it is, her name is Aarilyn Belle (though DS is INSISTING on Isabella and tells everyone he is have a sister named Isabella, when we don't even know the gender maybe we'll have to work that in there...maybe...I still like the name we have too much!)

If its a boy, he is Titus Joshua. Smile

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If this was a boy it would have been Charles Phillip.
But it's a girl- we like....Paige and Claire - just have to decide - mn will most likely be Juliet. I also like Sophie, Josephine, willow and sage