Never talked about my appt on the 3rd

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Never talked about my appt on the 3rd

So I totally spaced the appointment until my phone reminder went off 10 minutes before my appointment. I now live 20 minutes away from the appointment place. SHOOT.

We rushed rushed and got there 11 minutes late. 4 more minutes and we would have had to reschedule. Anyway. Found out I gained 8.8 lbs in the last month :shock: Dr wasn't concerned and said my weight is on track though. Since pre-preg I have lost and gained backed.. I'm only 10.8 lbs gain from prepreg... Not too bad I guess but I need to eat healthier i decided!

My belly is measuring on q. Baby's heart rate was in the 130's. Slowing down more and more. He didn't like the doppler being pressed against his space and would push back and move away. Silly boy. Handful! Wink

I was given some orange GD stuff.. i forget the name of it. but I have to drink it before my next appt and fast for 1 hr before. My next appointment is the 2nd of oct. and then onto my 2 week appointments :shock: again. CRAZY. Closer and closer!

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Glad you made it in time!

I'm doing the GD test on the 19th but the doc will only give me the stuff to drink when I get there so I have to hang around his office for the hour **roll eyes** Makes much more sense to let me take it at home then come in when it's time to test.

Don't worry about the weight gain, I picked up 7 lbs this last month too. I'm just glad to finally be putting on! Although I been eating quite a bit more chocolate lately than I probably should be....

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Yay for a good appointment! I had an unusual weight gain last month as well...7lbs. I'm blaming it on either labor day weekend or a baby growth spurt! My midwife told me to try and not do that every month! I'm up 19lbs total this pregnancy. I'm not concerned though and think I can keep it under 35 for the entire pregnancy (gained 33lbs last time). Can't believe we are so close to the third trimester!

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Glad your appt went well and you didn't have to reschedule. I did the glucose test at my last appt. Refrigerate the drink and it will really help! Like a PP they wouldn't give it to me until I got there so I had to wait also. What a pain! I can't believe we are already to the every 2 week appts. It's going so fast!!

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Glad you made it in time! I did the GD test for my last appointment. I had the orange one too. I reminds me of the orange drink they used to give at our local McDonald's at birthday parties. Lol I think it's better than the red though, I threw that one up with DD and had to come back on a different day. Put it in your's better cold!

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Posts: 474 sorry you're about to have to take the GD junk! Hope it comes out GREAT for you! That is the ONLY good thing about being diabetic: I don't have to drink the nasty stuff!!! (Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather have to take the test, though, than have diabetes all the time!!)