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Not Fair

I was totally feeling better y'know? and then I felt nauseous that day? Well I threw up the next day (2 days ago) yesterday i felt pretty nauseous all day.. and today- this morning.. i feel terribly nauseous... Sad I thought it would be gone by now... It was during my last two pregnancies. Sad


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Aw sorry, Maddie. That really sucks Sad

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Sorry you're still so sick! That's terrible! I am still taking unisom to keep my ms at bay. I had to take it up through 20+ weeks last time so that I didn't get sick. I hope you feel better soon!!

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That's so crazy because my m/s was gone for about 2 weeks until yesterday!! I actually threw up yesterday! I thought I was done too! I never had m/s with my first two pregnancies at all! I had a little bit with my last one but it ended at like 11 weeks. This time is totally different!