Not feeling so good..

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Not feeling so good..

I've been sick these last two weeks. Since I got my flu, tdap, and Rh negative shot all in less than a week from each other. Not sure if this caused anything but the timing is suspect. Work is super duper stressful in the last two weeks. Hubby's schedule keeps getting kicked around. We are doing a bathroom remodel (shower was leaking, hubby fixed it and decided it was a good time as any to do some upgrading) and have not been able to shower in our own shower for at least 3 weeks. Plus I have a final this week with practically no time to start it. And my house is a total mess and my nesting bug is starting to show itself.

On top of all this I think I have been having contractions the last couple days. I'm anemic according to my last blood check and am wondering if this has anything to do with anything.

Another thing - my feet are starting to swell - which didn't really happen until a week or so before delivery with DS.

Anyone else having contractions yet? Not totally sure if any are just BH because some are slightly painful but they have no regularity. I have my next appointment Oct 22nd but should probably check with my doc before. I don't want to panic. I am under tons of stress so I'm sure some of that has to do with it.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I needed to vent!

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Sorry you're going thru all of this, Steph!!

I've been having BH noticeable for at least a week, but if I think about it I've really been having them since 19 weeks. From everything I've read if they're irregular then they're most likely BH but if they're painful or give you backache as well then you should call the doc. Try timing them as well, if you can count more than 5 in an hour then you should call the doc. He sent me to the hospital for observation and to make sure I wasn't effacing or dilating.

Make sure you're properly hydrated, my doc said dehydration can cause contractions.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Oh man, you are totally loaded! Hang in there girl.

Regarding contractions. I have painful ones but they are still just BH. They hurt sometimes and sometimes they are "regular" for a short amount of time but they aren't doing anything. I do think you should do what Roxi recommended. Keep an eye on them and call the dr if you are concerned. Smile I am sure that all the stress and sickness and everything is just overloading your body. Make sure you have a couple 15 minutes breaks to just relax. Keep an eye on the kicks just in case too. best time is between 7 pm - midnight. Smile

Good luck with your final. I hope it goes well!!


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Yikes-sounds like you are stressed-which I'd think can bring on BH-- Hope you feel better soon, and I agree to take. Some breaks to relax. Drink plenty of fluids!! I also just started to have my feet swell at night- nothing major and the avg person wouldn't be able to tell- and I've gotten leg and foot cramps at night as well-- ((Hugs))