Now my nerves are going crazy

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Now my nerves are going crazy

I had my HCG levels tested yesterday. I was 3w5d.

I called the Dr. today to get a pregnancy verification letter to go and get medical assistance and asked what the results were...


She said they are pretty low, it's still pretty early but they will know more when I take the test again tomorrow.

Ugh now I'm all worried. I had a dream I lost the baby last night and I just feel sick to my stomach now.


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37 sounds okay! I went at 3w 4d, and mine were only at 20.

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That's a lot higher than I thought your number would be based on how early you are. They all start low. Really the most important thing is the doubling time. I would definitely not worry until you get some more results. GL!

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1 minute, 1/2 ish ago

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That nice dark line would help me feel better!

I always go by what one of the REs I used to go to went by - they were looking for your beta to be 50 at 14dpo (orpiui) - so at 4 weeks I would hope for 50, so at 3w5d, anything over 25 would be on track I would think (and 20 at 3w4d would also be right on track!)
It's really more about the 2nd beta (for me anyway, with a bad history) - one beta alone can't confirm all is well - but having a repeat showing a good increase is what is truly telling!

Easy for me to say I know, but try not to worry!

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With my last baby I was 14dpo and I think my beta was only 38. Try not to worry hun. Ever since my m/c I worry like crazy, and I wish I didn't, but I know how you feel. This time they are not doing betas on me since my last pregnancy was full term so I don't even have any numbers this time. I don't know if that makes me worry more or less. Lol

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Mine was exactly that at 3w5d too.

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I'm going to be headed this morning to get another beta HCG. I'm feeling a lot better today after taking the HPT yesterday.