Over 1/2 Way!

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Over 1/2 Way!

Anyone else having a hard time wrapping their brains around the fact that we are over 1/2 way to an actually baby being here?

I certainly am having a much more difficult time with it than I did with DS. Partially because with DS I had NO IDEA how hard it would be to get stuff done after he was actually here. I see sooooo much that I need to get done before baby gets here that I feel kinda crazy thinking about it all. I have a bona-fide list going, complete with what I can fit in the budget to buy, and when. Smile I just bought all the material for all of her crib bedding and delivered to my mom for sewing. So exciting! Smile I also found some prepped, but never used cloth dipes at the resale shop for $4 ea. Got 12 in all. The lady had been given a whole stash of both boy and girl colors, then had a boy, so the 12 girlie ones never got used. And I'm still working on getting the extra room clean for my neice to move into so we can move everyone's bedrooms around to make room for the newbie. Smile

I'm super excited!!! We've waited so long for this!!! Biggrin

How are you all doing, baby-ready-wise??

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I have alot to do still. Im trying to figure out the room situation in my apartment still. If Im going to leave the kids where they are or switch. If Im leaving them where they are I need to get another bed (the girls share right now or Sydney sleeps on her fold out couch) and figure out where to put it. Plus rearrange their closet and mine and get something together so I can have their toys back in their room instead of mine. Need to get the bassinette from my parents house and get the bedding and everything that goes with that but wont be till mid November I do that. Plus need this and that for the baby still and trying to go through everything I do have and make sure I have what I want or need. After the next ultrasound I am going to figure out if its in the budget to get the purple carseat that walmart has and resell the one I have or just keep the one I have. Plus figure out if Im getting things from my friends son and daughter in law from their daughter. Too much to do still. But Im as ready as I will be I think.

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I have done absolutely nothing to get the apartment ready for the baby yet. Partly it is because I'm trying to spend as much of my time on studying as I have energy for and I nknow if I get stuck into baby stuff then I will never focus Blum 3 but the bigger issue is that I don't know if we will still be here in the US when she's born so it seems pointless to me to go ahead and buy stuff that we will then have to ship back to South Africa which could just be bought there (or we could even get hand-me-downs from friends there).

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I just realized a few days ago I'm over the half way point, and it blew my mind! It's pretty bittersweet to me.