Patterns in womb=Patterns as NB?

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Patterns in womb=Patterns as NB?

I don't remember at all from my pg w/ my son to his then patterns as a newborn. So, I'm wondering.

Aarilyn tends to be active in the womb late at night, very early in the a.m. (5-6 a.m.) and early and late afternoon.

Does anyone remember/know if this also translates to wakeful/hungry times once they are born? I'm just curious...and truthfully kind of dreading the tendency towards wakeful nights it if it does. :/

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I've been wondering the same thing...

Although Squishy herself hasn't woken me up in the wee hours of the morning yet, only my full bladder has. But she is very active as soon as I get into bed and start to relax...

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If I remember from my DD not really. I know I was worried about it cuz DD1 would go crazy as soon as I relaxed and was in bed- but she was okay..".and don't remember her being "active" during that time. I'm curious to see how this one plays out- she is usually active in the morning, right before lunch, again around 330-4p and again when I get in bed. She also has woken me up during the wee hours of the night when she's jumping on my I do know my sister was worried my niece was going to be crazy cuz she was super active in the womb, but she is the most laid back baby ever....

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I wondered about that as well. I read something that said it does but from what I remember it wasn't a problem with Riley. I think it's just that they are rocked to sleep by our movement during the day and so they tend to be more active at night. IDK. Dax is definitely another one that wiggles and bounces at lot at night.