Physical vs Digital Baby book

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Physical vs Digital Baby book

What's your preference? A real, physical baby book (scrap book or traditional) or an online, digital one?

I'm thinking of doing a digital one. Partly because of our lack of space, and partly because it's easier to add items to it. But I wonder if it will have the same nostalgic value for my child as my physical photo albums have for me...

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I am doing a digital book for my pregnancy.. but I am doing it through blurb so that I can actually have the book printed and then add some paper things into it as I need....

I have found it easier to keep up, it takes up less space, and I am always on the computer anyways.

I prefer to have a hardcopy to look at though and I do actually love scrapbooking but I never end up doing it.

baby's first year will probably be done the same way as pregnancy Smile

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I have both a hard copy for pregnancy and baby book. My aunt made a scrapbook with pages made, so I just have to add pics- which is great..... I'm not sure it matters, but I like the idea that you can have a digital copy and make it into a book later on