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Please update

Sorry for the bombardment of posts... I just noticed that I don't have any of the appts past next week!

Please update your appointments on the appointments thread. Smile

If you could also put

So that we have a general idea of the time of day Smile

Thanks girls!

ALSO IF you could reply to this message if you are still around. Smile I want to make sure we have everyone on the boards Smile

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I just had mine today! It was the first trimester screening and all looked great; my due date has been moved up to the 11th. Smile I am starting to feel like I can relax.

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When's your next one?

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I have my next ultrasound this Monday (super excited!) then a diabetes update by the end of the week (not excited).

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My next check up is on Monday evening (6/3), NT scan is on Thursday morning (6/6).

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My next appointment is June 14 in the am I think. Have to check my calendar at work.

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Haave to call monday to schedule my next appointment. the secretarieswere gone when I was done with my appointment the other day

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My next appt is June 11th at which time they might schedule the NT scan.

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My apologies for being MIA. I've been lurking. My next appointment is end of Junne, I need to check the date and then I'll update in the appointments thread.

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Glad to see you are okay though! Smile


I have also put up a google calendar that you can edit I think... I might need emails so I can give permissions to edit... idk. But if you can't update it you can also just PM me and tell me the time the appt is. I am in MTN time though so keep that in mind. I have all of them in on my computer and it updates from there.

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My next appt is June 14 in the morning.

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Next apt June 20th in the am